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my youtube channel

i upload from 1 to 2 times a week and sometimes more.i know i havent got very many subscribers but it would be very helpfull if you subcribe and like my videos.(thats the whole point of this page) my channel is all about vlogs and accationaly a gameing video :) in my vlogs i do all sorts of stuff from channel updates to any sort of chalenge video.i sometimes do videos with my friends and family.I try to make them funny but they often end up really bad or i just dont upload them(it usualy take about three trys till i get a video that im happy with).

About me

i am a 11 year old boy who likes to do loadss of fun activitys like any ball sport and a few card games like pokemon.i live with my mum and dad and have two pets (which i love more than anything).I tend to do alot of gameing and love loads of differant gams as most of you will know that minecraft is my favorite game and what i play the most after minecraft its roblox then terraria (have no idea how to spell that)i love school (unlike most people) and my favorite activity is P.E and Art even thoug im probably one of the worst in are class at it : /

What i like to do in my spear time

well in my spear timme i love to do football and play on my Xbox/pc i also love play in my sweg way which i got for my 11th birthday #11party and when im on i can nevver get off it (unless the battery dies on me ): lol) i like to play with my fidget spinners (which you really need to get one) and i also like using brakets xD. Most importantly what i love to do in my spear time the most is ............................. to make youtube videos for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the end

i made this page to pomote my youtube channel a bit so i can get a more closer to being famous!!!! i really hope you consider all this and that you enjoyed reading this!

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